пингвинче мое

by lonely carp

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happy birthday to a little penguin from a lonely carp


released September 20, 2015



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lonely carp Coventry, UK

silly english boy likes to play the piano

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Track Name: homesick
It’s 5 minutes past noon

It’s far too soon

To be smelling your clothes

You only left

s p a c e in my chest

Three hours ago

Now I can’t stop inhaling through my nose

In case the smell of you goes

So pungent

And repugnant

How I love it so

There’s no way of knowing

If my spots are showing

When I’m out the house

I would really like to be going

Now to be back there somehow

In my old house

In our old house

It’s 5 minutes to 2

Three days just flew

Right by

It barely rains in July

But when you took to the skies

They opened, and so did my eyes

Every repulsive thing I’d said or done to you

Was put on display in frames in my room

That somehow still smells of you

Wish I had some money

So I could fly home too

Wherever it is it’s with you

I started talking to myself today

Because I still have things to say

But no-one really gets the way

My mind is turned inside out

And back to front and upside down

Except for you you always knew

How to stop me coming unglued

Even past tense hurts so much

My fingers will wilt if I don’t touch

The space where your ribs kiss your spine

All the falling pink stars align

And you’re the other side of the dome

And I’m screaming I miss you, my love, my only home
Track Name: the doodoo song
how in hell has it only been a fortnight minus two days i feel like i’ve lived through a billion Tuesdays and all i want to do is glance slightly sideways and see you glancing too and smile and say i love you always obsession lies next to depression in my bedroom after they fucked each other in the space to leave me no legroom and you can be sure that they didn’t use protection because self longevity for them is causing destruction i thought that when you left i’d have the space to breathe freely but it’s suffocating just to be without you my darling and you left your coat hanging on the door before leaving and it smells so much like you i’ll just keep on inhaling until the o
i breathe in
is made up
of bits
of your skin
i know that i can be so angry and crazy because the feelings overwhelm me and they’re so fucking scary to think that there’s a chance this situation could be permanent makes me feel so stupid for having arguments with you about the things that you don’t do when there’s so much that you so do do ha ha yeah i said doodoo if only you were here so we could laugh at doodoo as two of us are gonna be just fine i need to be okay with myself in time things will alleviate themselves i’m just so sorry your boyfriend has fucked up mental health
obsession lies next to depression in my bedroom their post coital cigarettes are obstructing my vision i want to get back to the me before tantrums and the crippling creeping crushing hateful fear of rejection obsession lies next to depression in my bedroom under posters of art i made when i was in year eleven all the dark and hopeless sketches make me really remember how far i’ve come and how far you’ll come back come this september
Track Name: пингвинче мое (my little penguin)
pingvinche moe
one of these days
that you are far away
i will
i will be okay

life can be so fucking hard
the tin man wanted a heart
to put love down to an art
and hold someone in his tin arms

if you want to
let me into
your igloo
that would be so
that would be so
i'll light a fire
melt a hole right through
to the sky so you can see the moon
maybe then the
cold won't seem so

love can be so fucking hard
i should know i used to keep a chart
love makes you see who you are
and wake up without an alarm

ochite de sa kato zvezdite (your eyes are like the stars)
ochite de sa kato zvezdite (and when we're apart)
ochite de sa kato zvezdite (i feel a part)
ochite de sa kato zvezdite (that's missing from my heart)

pingvinche moe
pingvinche moe
obicham te
Track Name: fossils, key rings and weird instruments
I wanted you to see how many thoughts are constantly bombarding my head even when I’m watching my favourite film I also didn’t want to interrupt the movie I can play a lot of the soundtrack to Amelie on piano My favourite genre of film is world cinema Is world cinema a genre? That’s kinda ignorant to say isn’t it I want to move to France with you And learn a new language together Or at least go there Can we talk about your friend Can I get a 4 month review of the relationship so far? ;D Have you ever collected anything? Jean Pierre jeunet’s favourite theme is revenge Hence the grocer monsieur collignon the neighbour football fan etcetera
Track Name: the assistant part 2
it's raining after the magic show
i dnt even know
where im going
contusions from illusions in my bones

there's lots of time to smell your dirty socks
when you're locked inside a wooden box
all of the mysterious stains
seemed to be washed away
by all of the magic of fading
fading away

it's raining after the magic show
i don't even know where i'm going
it's raining after the magic show
where the fuck is my life even going
i don't really care at this point
i feel so fucking magical
i feel so fucking magical

(the man escapes the straightjacket)
(the man escapes the box)
(the box is opened)
(the box is empty)

it's raining
it's raining
it's raining
it's raining

(the man is nowhere)